Search Engine Compliance

Your website should be an integral part of your marketing team.

Would you continue to employ an individual who consistently spoke negatively about your company? Probably not. Many of our clients come to us with websites that speak negatively to search engines as well as potential customers. A good number of people have tried some of the “get found quick” methods, keyword stuffing, link building, and other schemes. This may work for a short amount of time, but search engine algorithms soon catch up and… down your site goes, to the bottom of the pile.

What works? Good old fashioned, RELEVANT information.

Is your business the best at what it does? Do you offer unique capabilities that other businesses don’t offer? Are you conveniently located? Free parking? Extended hours? Do you offer emergency services? Your website should tell your story in the most efficient manner possible. This information should comply with the way Google and other search engines “read” your information. Certain rules must be followed. Even your images need to be “relevant” to the information on your site. The foundation for best practices should be built into the very core of your website code.

We can help your rebuild and restructure your website so it can “speak” clearly of the qualities and uniqueness of your business. We don’t just help you get found, we help you get found by the right people. The ones who are motivated to be your customers. Contact us today to get a free summary of what you can do to improve the message your website sends.

Prices starting at $150 per page.

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I am very pleased with her work and the final results

“Rebecca has worked with me to create a great look

…turned out wonderful and received lots of great compliments

“Rebecca designed Heritage Plumbing’s web site which turned out wonderful

A-Bullet Advertising & Design did a GREAT job for me

“…did a GREAT job for me. I would recommend Rebecca to any one that is looking for Quality work.

…provide a high quality and cost effective web site

“Rebecca has worked with my company to provide a high quality and cost effective web site